Monday, May 12, 2014

May Newsletter

Happy May everyone! I hope all the mothers, grandmothers, foster moms, aunts, sisters and mothering nurturers had a fabulous day yesterday, filled with lots of love, laughter and great books to read.

Like I told you in my April newsletter, there is some exciting news afoot regarding personal appearances, book signings, etc. I'm pleased to finally announce that I'm coming home to Texas this August! I'll be a part of the Indie Mashup Angels and Sinners Tour, beginning with the stop in Houston August 15th and 16th. For those who have read the books, Houston was the backdrop for The Undisciplined Bride, so things are bound to get HAWT. Here's a mouthwatering trailer to get your juices flowing.

I'm even MORE excited to announce that I will have some unreleased paperbacks ready to sell and sign at this event, including book #1 of my new biker series and a commemorative volume of my best-selling Fullerton Family Saga, featuring our favorite Fullerton male, Jonathan, on the cover.

Other towns I have booked, and will include details as they become available, are Phoenix, Detroit, Tulsa and Toronto. I am going to do my best to include a special guest for Tulsa if the fates align. I'll keep you posted.

If you'd like to see me anywhere else, please let me or any event organizers know, so we can make that happen!

I'm really excited (and scared) about the biker trilogy I'm working on. My screenwriting training is coming in handy as I craft this dangerous world and all the interesting inhabitants. While it is a biker book, I have no particular interest in writing a typical bad-boy biker romance with a good girl ingenue. When I'm done, I want every single character I bring to life to surprise the reader as something they may not have read before. There will definitely be a mix of genres going on, with two dual romance B-plots in addition to a thriller through-line. It will tackle the (sadly) very contemporary issue of sex trafficking, as our bikers set out to protect the most vulnerable among us who are seen as vulnerable prey to those who would do them harm.

While it was always meant to be a book, I've got the movie in mind. It will have romance and sex (even two, count 'em, TWO triangles,) but a typical romance novel, it ain't.

If you've read my books thus far, this will come as no surprise.

For this month's Take Three, we'll include three songs from the playlist:

And Take Three of my dream cast is our first, main triangle:

(These people get to act out my little stories in my head. God, I love my job.)

So that's all the news that's fit to print for May. See you in June when I'll have some hot excerpts to share!