Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Giveaway! "Escape from Halcatraz" and more!

Welcome to the Geevie Takes On Monthly Giveaway! Each month I'll be giving away prizes that equal $50 or more, for items I've reviewed and/or written.

The March package includes "Escape from Halcatraz," the comedy DVD by Hal Sparks.

If there was one thing Hal Sparks was born to do, it's stand up comedy. In "Escape from Halcatraz" he takes us on a wild ride through many topics with intelligence, wit and ceaseless energy.

Recorded in front of San Francisco audience at Cobb's Comedy club, the crowd responds enthusiastically to Hal's take on theme songs, baseball, NASCAR and sexually frustrated dinosaurs (a treat you didn't get to see courtesy of his Showtime Special "Charmageddon.")

If you're a Hal Sparks standup virgin, consider what you've seen on his VH1 commentary or Talk Soup, and turn it up. Nothing prepares you for what lays ahead once Hal takes the stage.

Also included on the DVD is an insightful commentary on how he developed his act, as well as some footage of Hal's interaction with the fans, something he's known to do after every show.

If you ever get a chance to see Hal live, you definitely should (his calendar is available on his official website). But in the meantime, you can get your fix of his comedy whenever you want with "Escape from Halcatraz".

Currently this DVD is not available for sale online, so this giveaway offers you a rare treat to get some vintage Hal and a must for any fan old or new.

Special note: it is a Region 1 DVD for USA and Canada only.

Estimated value: $20.00

Along with Hal's DVD you get an autographed copy of my debut novel "Dirty Little Secrets."

Some skeletons in the closet are real. Just ask Grace McKinney, who is haunted, quite literally, by the sins of her past. A boy with wavy brown hair and vacant dark eyes would pop up unannounced to frightfully remind her that no matter where she went in this life, her dirty little secrets always rode shotgun.

This ghost bore gleeful witness to her slow suicide. At nineteen, Grace had already succumbed to alcohol and drug addiction, thanks mostly to her other, more human tormentor, Mike Beyer. Mike, too, was haunted by the past. Instead of turning his abuse inward, he spread it to his wife, their children and of course, to Grace. He was determined to make everyone pay for the things he lost, and who better than a vulnerable teenage girl who would do anything to keep the past secret from her father?

And indeed it was her father that Mike had good reason to hate, and a real desire to punish. Reverend Ezekiel McKinney ruled his home and his church with an iron fist. Any congregant who dared to step out of line would be outed and humiliated and forced to make a public choice - God, or sin. And Zeke knew that choice all too well because he was doing a lifetime penance for his own crimes of passion.

His wife, Olivia, shared the burden of this secret, as well as the penance. She knew her place, and expected her daughter to also tow the line without complaint. That Grace had strayed so far down the wrong path was a source of continual embarrassment for the church and for Olivia herself. She was ready to do anything to set the course straight again.

These fragile houses of cards began to crumble when a strange, exotic beauty named Lauren Olsen came into Grace's life the minute she needed her most – the day she accidentally killed Mike's pregnant wife, Debbie. It will be the first domino to fall that unearths all the dirty little secrets that had haunted them all.

Best selling author Marie D. Jones provides the forward for "Dirty Little Secrets," a story that takes an unflinching look at the shame and self-destruction caused by sexual abuse and religious extremism. Though this 19-year old's dramatic coming of age, we are reminded that we are born with a very strong will to survive despite our darkest circumstances.

This book will be personally autographed by me.

Its value is $12.99.

Along with these two prizes I will include a $20 gift card to Amazon, bringing the total of this prize package to more than $50.00.


For each comment your name will be entered into the drawing. For additional entries, link this blog on your Twitter using the hashtag #geevietakeson #giveaway. For Facebook entries, become a fan on my official fan page and leave a comment on this wall posting.

Your name will be entered for each entry method, and you can enter as many times as you'd like. The entry cutoff date is March 30, 2011.

The drawing will be held live via my Ustream channel on March 31st.

Thanks for playing and good luck!


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