Saturday, April 30, 2016

I have one word for your Sneak Peek Saturday: Caz Bixby. (Wait, what?)

If you've been around a while, you already know that I love, love, love to include little Easter Eggs in my book, bringing back characters from other stories for unexpected cameos. I got the idea from Stephen King, the Master, whose little asides for his diehard fans (and by diehard, I mean those who read more than one of his books,) made me feel special, like we were connecting on a delicious little secret casual fans might miss. You just get more out of it that way, and I love doing that in my books, building my universe a little bit at a time.

Mostly, I can't let some of these characters go. Vanni, Graham, Jorge... these are characters I bring back again and again because they just make life so much fun. Well, no one, and I do mean no one, made my life more exciting than Caz Bixby, one of the stars of my MASTERS saga. This guy was shameless and naughty, and I like that. I knew when I ended the Masters series that he would be back - as many times as I could make it happen - before one day starring in a book of his own.

He doesn't get his own book/HEA yet, simply because that's not what Caz Bixby is about. He's a catalyst, not a romantic hero. Like he says, "I don't do love, sweets. I do sex and lots of it."

So needless to say, when Eli Blake, Douche Extraordinaire, thinks that Carly is too much woman to fit his narrow standard - I introduced a naughty, shameless little catalyst to prove to him that some guys found her "just enough." He gets to see her through the eyes of a man who knows exactly what to do with her.

It doesn't go well...

Here's another snippet from GLITTER ON THE WEB...


“Carly, I have someone I want you to meet.”

The man in question stood to his full height and turned to me with a familiar smirk. I had seen him somewhere before, though I wrestled with my memory to place him. Finally it clicked a half a second before she said, “This is Caz Bixby, my new boss.”

Caz Bixby—notorious playboy and known gigolo, one who had taken pop culture by storm when he outed one of his more notable clients and dismantled an entire election campaign airing her dirty laundry. He was rewarded with a TV show of his own, and my guess was that was where Clem had been keeping herself lately.

OGWO was once again as right as rain.

“Carly,” he crooned as he took my hand in his and brought it to his lips for a kiss. “I’ve heard so much about you. And not just from Clementine. You get any more press and they’ll have to give you a show.”

I laughed. “God forbid.”

He grinned. “Is that an accent I detect?”

“Maybe a little,” I replied in good humor. He was fun, and he was almost painfully good looking. It wasn’t a bad combo. “Guess where and I’ll buy you a shot.”

“Ooo, a challenge,” he said as he leaned back to inspect me. “Talk dirty to me.”

I leaned forward. “Mud. Soot. Manure. Oil.”

He clapped one hand on the bar. “Say no more. You are from the great state of Tejas, am I right?”

“Give that man a silver dollar,” I nodded as I held up my finger to order a shot from Clem.

“Make it two,” he added before turning back to me. “You’ve got to join me in a Valentine’s Day toast.”

I shook my head. “Can’t. Pain meds,” I said with a pout.

“Oh, yeah.” He glanced at my foot. “How’s the bum foot?”

“Healing,” I said. “I’m starting physical therapy next week.”

He smiled wide. “If you ever need a trainer…,” he said, letting his offer trail off.

“And here I thought you were way too busy for something like that.”

He laughed. “For one of Clem’s friends, I could make an exception.” His eyes glittered as they ran over me. “Especially for a pretty one.”

“Actually,” Clem said as she leaned across the bar, delivering the shots, “Carly is taken.”

He glanced out onto the dance floor, where Eli now danced with Lisa and Daisy. “Yeah. I heard.” His eyes met mine. In an instant, I feared he could easily read all those things I would never say. I could say nothing as he reached into his pocket and withdrew a black card with a gold lettering embossed on it. He handed it to me. “Offer still stands, though. Even if you need to talk. I know instant fame can be tough.”

I nodded and took the card, placing it in my clutch.

He continued to study me with that thoughtful stare. “Care to dance?” he offered and I shook my head.

“I probably shouldn’t.”

“Why not? He’s having a good time,” he added, nodding once again to the dance floor. There Eli was sandwiched in between my two friends, who were having a sexy good time grinding against a famous, sexy crooner. “Come on,” Caz urged. “I really want to dance and my favorite girl is behind the bar.” I still hemmed and hawed, so he added, “Don’t you want to show a poor, lonely guy some of that southern hospitality?”

I looked up into those playful hazel eyes. I couldn’t help but smile. “Okay.”

He pulled me towards the dance floor, where Lola had just started playing “More Than a Mouthful.” Caz plastered me against his hard body. “I love this song,” he grinned, and I knew in an instant he was completely incorrigible. “So tell me what it’s like to fall in love under a microscope,” he said.

“You should know,” I countered. “You’re more famous than I am.”

He laughed. “I don’t do love, sweets. I do sex and lots of it.”

The way his body moved against me left no room for argument about that.

“Then you and Clem are perfect for each other,” I teased.

He laughed again. “Clem is a hoot. And a riot in the sack.”

My eyes widened. “You slept with her?” That didn’t sound like Clem at all. Normally she never mixed business with pleasure.

“I sleep with everyone,” he grinned, unabashed. “Haven’t you heard?”

My eyes narrowed. “Oh. So you’re a liar.”

He leaned forward with that cheeky grin. “Takes one to know one.” I gasped as I realized what was happening. “Don’t worry. I’m not here to bust you. But if you want to sell this relationship, you’re going to have to go for broke, baby doll. I can smell the neglect all over you. You haven’t been properly fucked in,” he paused to lean closer still and peer into my face, “four months at least.”

I gasped at how on the nose he was. Who the fuck was this guy?

“If you ever need help in that department, I’m available for that too. No one sells a lie better than Caz Bixby. Ask anyone.”

“Thanks,” I muttered as I tried to turn away, but he pulled me back.

“Don’t get all sore. Come on. Let’s dance,” he added softly as he pulled me closer.

Just then another man’s hand landed on my arm. It was Eli, and he wasn’t happy. “Is this jerk giving you a hard time, babe?”

Always in character, I thought. Caz, unfortunately, ran with it.

“Not yet, but I’m trying,” he added with that self-satisfied smirk that rivaled Eli’s.

“She’s with me,” Eli practically growled at him.

Undaunted, Caz shot back, “Sorry, man, it was hard to tell, considering you were dancing with other girls and all.”

Eli’s glare narrowed to pinpoints. “Who are you?”

Caz reached out his hand. “Caz Bixby. Clem works for my show.”

I could see Eli quickly process the data. “I see.”

“Clem was working the bar so I asked Carly here for a dance. Figured no harm, no foul, right? I mean it’s Valentine’s Day. All the pretty girls deserve a dance on Valentine’s Day.”

“You’re so right,” Eli said as he pulled me to his side. “Carly’s dance card is full. But I’m sure you’ll find another.”

“I always do,” Caz said. His eyes returned to me. “They all come to Caz eventually,” he grinned as he bowed, then disappeared into the crowd.

“What a prick,” Eli muttered, which made me laugh. “What’s so funny?”

“I would think you guys have a lot in common,” I shrugged.

His gaze fell over me. “We have one thing in common, it would seem.”

“Please,” I dismissed. “It was just a dance.”

“Tell that to the flush in your cheek,” he hissed before he dragged me back to the dance floor.


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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sneak Peek Saturday, Week Two

It's Saturday, so you know what that means. More Eli to whet the appetite just in time for the release of GLITTER ON THE WEB on May 10th. Can you believe it? That's only a little over two weeks away. Sure it's foreplay. If you've read my books, you're familiar with that concept, and nothing - NOTHING - will match what Eli is about to do to you in Glitter.

Don't forget that you can pre-order right now for the discounted price of $2.99. Prices go up to the regular price of $3.99 after May 10.

In GLITTER ON THE WEB, my heroine has made a pact with the devilish douchebag, Eli Blake - a pop sensation who has made a name for himself writing songs for all the bigger girls. Of course, he's not one known for actually *dating* them, so when his carefully constructed house of cards threatens to come down, he decides to pay Carly a pretty penny to act as his girlfriend for a year in order to protect his phony baloney image.

At first he sees her hatred of him as a positive. He's not attracted to her, she's not attracted to him. Odds are she won't get too attached when they go their separate ways, and he can tie the relationship up in a neat and tidy package. No muss, no fuss. But there's more to Carly than meets the eye, which he figures out almost immediately. It doesn't take long at all before he starts to see her as the ultimate challenge, especially the more she resists.

This isn't going to come easy, y'all. You just THINK you've cursed me before.


I followed him onto the dance floor, where Lola slowed it down to a sensual, familiar tune. My eyes met his. “That’s yours?”

He nodded with a smile as he held me closer. “Still working on the lyrics. You were right. They’ll make or break the song.”

“I’m sure you’ll figure it out,” I said.

“God, I hope so,” he replied. “I’m not used to writer’s block.”

“Used to things always coming easy for you?” I challenged.

His unapologetic eyes met mine. “Of course.”

I chuckled. “Great doesn’t come easy. If it did, it wouldn’t be great.”

He laughed. “Such sage wisdom. Should I call you Confucius? Or Yoda?”

“That’s OGWO to you,” I corrected.

His brow lifted. “OGWO?”

“Oh Great Wise One. That’s my nickname around the office, because I was able to…,” I trailed off.

“Able to what?”

I sighed. It was too late to turn back now. “Because I could always tell what you were going to do.”

His eyebrow arched even higher. “Is that so?” I shrugged. “And what makes you think you know me so well?”

“I pay attention,” I told him. “It’s like playing chess with someone who only has a few tried and true moves. You have one winning strategy and you keep using it. Simple as that.”

“If it ain’t broke,” he shrugged with that smirk I used to hate. He spun me out, twirled me around and brought me back. “So I take it you think you’re impervious to all my tricks.”

I laughed again. “I know I am.”

He ran his hand along my back until it rested on my hip. “What makes you so sure?”

I shrugged. “I see through the bullshit. There’s glitter on your web, Eli, but it’s a trap all the same. I’ve seen it. I’ve always seen it. When you see it for what it is then you can’t get caught up in all it’s not.”

He swung me around. “You sound so confident. Care to make it interesting?”

“Any more interesting than it already is?” I countered.

He laughed. “I guess you have a point,” he conceded. “But I still think I could make you fall in love with me.”

“Gee,” I said, completely in character. “And I thought I already was.”

It made him laugh again. “Touché,” he said before he kissed me on the lips. He deepened the kiss, and I responded. His eyes were cloudy as he straightened. “So tell me, OGWO. What am I thinking now?”

He kept me flush against his body, which I could feel come to life. “You’re thinking that you haven’t fucked anyone in a few months, and maybe I’ll do.” His eyes met mine. “But I won’t do. Not for one million dollars.”

I smiled and exited the dance.

What would you do for one million dollars? More importantly... who would you do, and how much would you give?

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sneak Peek Saturday! - Week One

There are a little over three weeks to go until I release my 28th book, GLITTER ON THE WEB, on May 10th. I'll spend the next few Saturdays sharing some snippets with you from the novel, which you can pre-order right now for the discounted price of $2.99.

(Prices go up to the regular price of $3.99 on May 10.)

In GLITTER ON THE WEB, Eli Blake is one of the hottest names in popular music thanks to penning ode after ode to all the Big Girls. Funnily, he has never, y'know, actually dated one. When a bitter ex decides to "out" his disdain of the very fans he courts, he gets the beyond brilliant plan to fake a relationship, the same as he faked his image. The nearest Big Girl is a woman named Carly Reynolds, who works for his agent. Because of the dismissive way he has treated her in the past, she knows what kind of lying faker he is. To say she hates him is putting it mildly...

That doesn't stop Eli.

He followed me as I carried my last box.

“Need any help?” he asked when we were practically at the car.

I glared at him. If I had been Julie, he would have never let her lift a finger. But because I was voluptuous, zaftig, Rubenesque—fat—he let me do all my own heavy lifting. The driver of the limo, however, was quick to assist me, putting the last heavy box into the trunk while Eli scooted inside. He was pouring himself a glass of champagne when I joined him.

“Care for a glass?” he asked, surprising me.

“No thanks,” I muttered. “I’m working.”

He toasted me with the plastic flute. “As am I.”

I rolled my eyes and stared out of the window, waiting for this charade to mercifully end. Eli, however, had other plans. He tapped the privacy pane after the driver got back into the car. “Can you stop us by a drug store first?”

I smirked at him. “Forget your condoms?”

He chuckled. “Maybe.”

It was only after our impromptu stop that I realized what he was really up to. He handed me the bag, which was filled with makeup. “What’s this?”

“I got all pretty for this shindig. I figured you might want to do the same.”

I thrust the bag back at him. “No, thanks.”

Undaunted, he handed it back. He glanced over my dressed-down appearance, from my sensible ponytail to my fresh face, all the way down to my comfortable work clothes. I was all practical, all the time. This, apparently, was not good enough for the Great Eli Blake. “You’re not an ugly woman. You just need to try a little harder, that’s all.”

My teeth ground together. “God, you’re such a dick.”

He withdrew one of the packages. “Come on. A little lipstick at least.” I refused to take it, so he added, “This is part of your job in marketing, Carly. You look good, I look good.”

If nothing but to provide positive reinforcement for his getting my name right, I grabbed the lipstick from his hand. It was a much bolder color than I would ever wear, given I had pretty full lips myself. But the deep merlot color matched my top, which surprised me that he had even taken notice. I took a compact from my purse, the one I kept on hand to diminish that shiny forehead look I still got from time to time. I applied the lipstick, the only compromise I was willing to make. This seemed to please Eli, who remained (blissfully) quiet for the rest of our trip to Universal City.

In fact, he seemed to get “in the zone” from the time we made our turnoff from the 101. He did some breathing exercises to prepare, singing just in mid-range to warm up. He had switched from wine to water, practically killing a full bottle before the limo came to a stop. As much as I despised the man, he did work hard at his craft. He never missed any small detail—or opportunity. He took the business of singing seriously, if nothing else in his life. He could have such integrity if he only tried.

As if he felt me soften, he spared me a big smile as the car came to a stop. “Let’s go kick some ass,” he grinned.

I nodded and placed my hand on the door handle. Before I could open it, I felt him shift closer, as though he was going to exit through my side of the car instead of his own. Instead, his hand snaked across my lap and pulled the door closed and kept it there. I gasped in surprise as I faced him, realizing in that moment how close his face was to mine. My eyes widened. “What are you doing?”

Those blue eyes were as clear as cool water. “Kiss for luck?” His gaze dropped to my mouth as he whispered, “Carly?” And just like that, with no preamble, he leaned forward and crushed his lips to mine.

If you had told me just that morning that I’d end up lip to lip with Eli Blake, I would have had you committed. But there he was. And there I was. And it was happening.

And it kept happening. He pressed me back against the seat, his mouth covering over mine, luxuriating in this stolen kiss. Those full lips tried to nudge mine apart slightly so that his eager tongue could snake its way inside.

It was a step too far. I pressed both hands on his chest, and his muscles rippled under my fingertips. Finally I shoved hard and broke away. His face hovered over mine, his lips swollen from the kiss, my freshly applied lipstick smeared around his mouth, telltale evidence to our unexpected encounter.

“Now you have lipstick all over you, Einstein."

My snarky comment was met with a smirk. That was when it hit me, why he had done what he had done, from buying the lipstick to taking that kiss I knew damned well he didn’t want.

“I know,” he continued to grin before he swung open the door without wiping his mouth. He shoved me out first, jumping out after me.

Before I could turn to grab the merch from the trunk, he wound a powerful arm around me and kept me plastered to his side as paparazzi snapped photo after photo.

I was still shell-shocked as the press yelled for him, but he kept us moving down the line, answering only one question as we went.

“Who’s your friend, Eli?”

“Carly!” he shouted back. He even spelled it out for them, just to make sure they’d note it properly.

Great, I thought. Now he gets my name right.

What would you do for one million dollars?

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Last weekend to pre-order Glitter on the Web for only $1.99!

The year is just speeding along, isn't it? The good news is that means it'll be May 10th before you know it. What's so special about May 10th? It's Eli Day.

Eli Blake is one of the more interesting heroes I've written in one of my novels. He's as arrogant as he is talented, as tempting as he is frustrating. I had a lot of fun getting to know him in Glitter on the Web. And, just between you and me, he's kinda sorta loosely even figuratively based on someone I used to know. In a way. Just kinda. Maybe a little.

Here's another lil' taste...

“Hey, Charlie.”

And just like that, my hatred restored. My brow furrowed as I turned around to face him. He was soaking wet with only a towel around his hips. “It’s Carly,” I corrected tightly, figuring he should at least know my friggin’ name after seven months, especially since I was helping make him a star and all.

“Sorry,” he dismissed easily. His gaze swept over me, likely looking for some indication that I would be verklempt in his near-naked presence. Instead, I crossed my arms and glared at him. I could practically hear his brain click and whir from where I stood. “I was wondering if you could help me pick out something to wear.”

My eyebrow practically arched right off my head. “You’re a big boy. You can dress yourself.”

He chuckled. “You have a point.”

Just like that, he dropped the towel. My breath caught, much to my regret. Those needle dick rumors were off the mark. Way off. A smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth.

“I just thought I could use a woman’s perspective. You know, since you’re my marketing demographic.”

Again, the hatred flared. “Is that a nice way of calling me fat?” I shot back. Unlike my comment to Frank, which had been a joke, Eli’s taunt got squarely under my skin.

He walked towards me. “Voluptuous. Zaftig. Rubenesque. You can pick the title, doesn’t matter to me.”

My fists curled into balls as he approached. Why was he trying to get a rise out of me? I gave him a wide berth as I stomped towards his bedroom, yanking open one of the doors. The steam from his hot shower rushed over me in a fog.

“That’s the bathroom,” he grinned.

“I can see that,” I snapped back, before I slammed that door and went to the next one. It opened to a massive walk-in closet, filled with all kinds of clothes. God, he really was a vain, superficial jerk…

He was still completely naked as he leaned against the door frame. “You don’t like me, do you, Carla?”

My teeth gritted together. “What gave it away?” I sneered.

“Why not?” he asked, as if such a thing were unthinkable to him. A girl didn’t like him? Stop the presses!

I spun around to face him. “My name is Carly, for one,” I started. “But you wouldn’t know that, even though I’ve worked with you for seven long months, trying to make you a megastar. And succeeding, by the way,” I added with emphasis. “I don’t matter to you the same way your fans don’t matter to you. I don’t fit into a certain size, so I don’t count.”

He conceded the point with a slight nod of his head. “If it’s attention you want…,” he started, but I cut him off.

“I don’t want your attention, Big Shot. If my being fat means I keep assholes like you disinterested, then that definitely counts as a pro in my book, not a con. There are plenty of men out there who see me for me. They count. You don’t.”

He was amused by my impassioned speech. “So what’s the problem?”

I practically growled in frustration. “The problem is you’re a liar and a fraud! You don’t mean the stuff you sing. You’re doing it to get famous. That’s it.”

“So?” he countered again.

“So?” I repeated, incredulous. “People believe you, Eli. They think you’re this romantic hero when you’re nothing but an egomaniac!”

He laughed as he sauntered into the closet, standing so close to me I could smell the scent of the body wash he had used to scrub himself squeaky clean. He still hadn’t put on any clothes.

“I’m not any different from any other guy, Cathy,” he said. By now I knew he was getting my name wrong on purpose, just to piss me off.

It was totally working.

“Carly,” I grated.

“Whatever,” he shrugged, which only made me madder. “This is the way the world works. I didn’t make the rules.”

“You’re so full of shit. Every guy is not like you. What about Jace Riga? Isn’t that why you got this brilliant idea to dupe all the fat chicks? Because you saw how famous he got actually falling in love with one?”

Again he chuckled. “Jace Riga is not a regular guy. Believe me. If he hadn’t lost his leg in the war, he would have ended up with that Shelby chick.” He brushed a finger along my nose, booping the end of it, and pulling away just in time for me to swipe the air as I tried to knock him away.

“You’re an asshole,” I spat.

“But I’m right. That’s the real reason why you hate me. And you know it.” He patted me on the butt before turning me towards his clothes. “Now dress me like you would dress your dream guy. That’s your job,” he added, before he leaned forward to whisper, “Carly,” near my ear.


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