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Valentine #13 - Another Multiple, courtesy of Caz Bixby #RomanceWeek

What is the name of today's Valentine?

How old is he when we meet him?

Late twenties.

What stands out most about him?

His smirk. He's up to absolutely no good, but you can't help but find that a lil appealing.

Nice guy or douche?

Depends on what's in it for him.

Favorite moment moments with him?

I have a confession. I love Caz probably more than any other Book Boyfriend. (Don't tell the others.) Truth is...I'm okay to let the others go to the women that populate their lives, but I haven't been able to part with Caz yet. It's just too much fun letting him wreak havoc wherever he lands, the ultimate temptation. He first appears in MASTERS FOR LIFE, where he had one task: make sure Devlin and CC never get their HEA.

He appraised me thoughtfully. “Guess we better hit the gym then. New Year’s Eve will be here before you know it.”

“I’ve been ready for a half-hour.”

He glanced down at his suit. “Oh yeah,” he said with a grin. He put his glass onto the table before he stood. He crossed the distance between us in two steps, before hovering over me with a different kind of smoldering glance all his own. I watched as he tugged free his tie, which snapped from around his neck before he trailed it across one of my wrists. My fists balled tightly, so he tossed the tie away. With that despicable smirk, he ran his hands up his sculpted chest until his fingers circled that top button. Slowly he released them, one at a time, revealing his sculpted bare chest underneath, which caught me off guard. His bold tattoos on both arms appeared to breathe thanks to his rippling muscles.

He took off the shirt and tossed it onto the sofa next to me, before angling his pelvis towards my face. “Help me with my pants?” he said as he held his hands out to the sides of his hips, like he was presenting me with pure gold. I practically breathed fire, but I didn’t move one muscle. “No? I guess I can do it then.”

His strong fingers unfastened his dress slacks, slowly unzipping them. His slacks fell to the floor, revealing snug compression workout shorts that hugged his defined bulge proudly. As he stepped out of his pants, I realized that he still wore his dress shoes. “Looks like you forgot something,” I sneered.

He chuckled as he kicked off his shoes. He reached for one sock. “I guess I’ll have to go bare. Do you mind?”

I scowled at his innuendo. “You’re such a pig.”

He leaned over me, backing me up against the cushion of the sofa, one arm on either side of me. “We’re all animals deep down, baby.” His gaze liberally drifted towards my mouth. “So what do you say? Wanna burn some calories?”

But he wasn't just throwing a wrench between Devlin and Caz's "pussycat" CC. He got hit by a thunderbolt of his own when he met the women he would come to call "Sunshine" - Carly Reynolds in GLITTER ON THE WEB. Despite how hard Carly and her douchebag hero Eli were trying to sell a fake relationship, Caz saw through all that mess just like only Caz would. And he called her out on it like only he could.

“Care to dance?” he offered and I shook my head.

“I probably shouldn’t.”

“Why not? He’s having a good time,” he added, nodding once again to the dance floor. There Eli was sandwiched in between my two friends, who were having a sexy good time grinding against a famous, sexy crooner. “Come on,” Caz urged. “I really want to dance and my favorite girl is behind the bar.” I still hemmed and hawed, so he added, “Don’t you want to show a poor, lonely guy some of that southern hospitality?”

I looked up into those playful hazel eyes. I couldn’t help but smile. “Okay.”

He pulled me towards the dance floor, where Lola had just started playing “More Than a Mouthful.” Caz plastered me against his hard body. “I love this song,” he grinned, and I knew in an instant he was completely incorrigible. “So tell me what it’s like to fall in love under a microscope,” he said.

“You should know,” I countered. “You’re more famous than I am.”

He laughed. “I don’t do love, sweets. I do sex and lots of it.”

The way his body moved against me left no room for argument about that.

“Then you and Clem are perfect for each other,” I teased.

He laughed again. “Clem is a hoot. And a riot in the sack.”

My eyes widened. “You slept with her?” That didn’t sound like Clem at all. Normally she never mixed business with pleasure.

“I sleep with everyone,” he grinned, unabashed. “Haven’t you heard?”

My eyes narrowed. “Oh. So you’re a liar.”

He leaned forward with that cheeky grin. “Takes one to know one.” I gasped as I realized what was happening. “Don’t worry. I’m not here to bust you. But if you want to sell this relationship, you’re going to have to go for broke, baby doll. I can smell the neglect all over you. You haven’t been properly fucked in,” he paused to lean closer still and peer into my face, “four months at least.”

I gasped at how on the nose he was. Who the fuck was this guy?

“If you ever need help in that department, I’m available for that too. No one sells a lie better than Caz Bixby. Ask anyone.”

“Thanks,” I muttered as I tried to turn away, but he pulled me back.

“Don’t get all sore. Come on. Let’s dance,” he added softly as he pulled me closer.

Just then another man’s hand landed on my arm. It was Eli, and he wasn’t happy. “Is this jerk giving you a hard time, babe?”

Always in character, I thought. Caz, unfortunately, ran with it.

“Not yet, but I’m trying,” he added with that self-satisfied smirk that rivaled Eli’s.

“She’s with me,” Eli practically growled at him.

Undaunted, Caz shot back, “Sorry, man, it was hard to tell, considering you were dancing with other girls and all.”

Eli’s glare narrowed to pinpoints. “Who are you?”

Caz reached out his hand. “Caz Bixby. Clem works for my show.”

I could see Eli quickly process the data. “I see.”

“Clem was working the bar so I asked Carly here for a dance. Figured no harm, no foul, right? I mean it’s Valentine’s Day. All the pretty girls deserve a dance on Valentine’s Day.”

“You’re so right,” Eli said as he pulled me to his side. “Carly’s dance card is full. But I’m sure you’ll find another.”

“I always do,” Caz said. His eyes returned to me. “They all come to Caz eventually,” he grinned as he bowed, then disappeared into the crowd.

I have to admit I get excited when he pops up in my stories. He definitely knows how to bring it, no matter who you are or what you need. In MASKED IN THE MUSIC, young hottie Rudy Renfro needed someone to see him for exactly who he was and guide him to who he would ultimately become. Who other than Caz?

“That was brutal.”

I shot to my feet and spun around, peering into the darkness just beyond the light’s edge. I saw the bright tip of a burning cigarette, though when the smell hit me, I knew it wasn’t an ordinary cigarette. The man stepped from the shadows, coming more into view. He sported a tux like nobody’s business, tall and beautiful, roughly around thirty, with sun-bleached sandy hair that flopped over one of his incredible amber eyes. He offered the joint.

I didn’t refuse it. When other people walked through the doors, he motioned for me to join him in the shadows, where we could partake in private.

Out of sheer curiosity, I followed. I gave him back the joint and he inhaled deeply. “God, I hate these things. Fucking boring as hell. That’s why I bring my own party favors,” he grinned before he exhaled a cloud of fragrant smoke.

“Then why do you come?” I asked as I took another hit of my own.

He shrugged. “It’s a good cause. Besides, wearing a tux, dancing with all the pretty girls and drinking from a full bar all night isn’t a bad way to make a living.”

I peered at him even closer in the low light. Why did he look so familiar?

He answered my unspoken question with an outstretched hand. “Caz Bixby. In case you’re wondering where you’ve seen me before.”

My eyes opened wide. His reputation had definitely preceded him. He was probably the best known male escort on the planet, hence why he’d be working a party like this one. I took his hand, which he held for just a beat longer than necessary. “And you are…?” he asked with one cocked eyebrow.

“Rudy Renfro,” I supplied. His smirk deepened.

“Please tell me you have a job worthy of such a celebrity name,” he teased.

“I play guitar in a band,” I dismissed easily.

“A rocker,” he surmised as he glanced me over. “Not what I would have guessed. Good for you.”

I shrugged. “I don’t know what I am anymore.”

He chuckled again as he took one last hit, before he snubbed it out on the stone wall. “You’re not in love with that pretty girl, you know that much.”

“Yeah,” I muttered as I glanced back at the patio.

He clapped his hand on my shoulder. “Hey. Don’t beat yourself up. You can’t help it you’re gay.”

My eyes shot to his. Even in the shadows of the darkened gardens, I could see how they pierced through my armor to see right to the very heart of me. It was one thing for my sister to see it. She’d known me her entire life. It was another for Tony to see it, because he could see physically how I reacted to him. But a stranger I just met? I stammered as I tried to find my footing.

“I’m not… I just… what?”

He pulled me into the crook of his arm. “Don’t panic, Rudy Renfro. Your secret is safe with me. And before you drive yourself crazy with the question, no. I don’t think everyone can tell. But it’s my job to see what people lack so that I can give it to them. And dude, your frustration is full-tilt.”

My gaze narrowed. “Is this where you give me your card and tell me to call you for a little alone time?”

With the flick of his wrist, he offered his card.

“Sorry,” I said as I pushed away. “I don’t think I can afford your rates.”

He chuckled as he followed me through the darkened garden. “You are probably right about that, young Rudy. I’ve never been in one but I’ve heard bar bands don’t pay for shit.”

I made a face he couldn’t see. He could read an awful lot for such a short acquaintance. “So I guess you’re just wasting your time.”

I could feel his shrug. “Maybe it’s the mood of the evening, but I’m feeling kind of charitable.”

I spun around to face him. “I’m not interested, okay?”

His grin deepened. “Is it the whole virgin thing, or are you just that tied up in knots over the guy who won’t return the favor?”

I gaped at him. He stepped forward.

“So it is what’s behind Door #2. Again, your secret is safe with me.” He put his card into my breast pocket. “But if you ever need a friend, especially one who has many friends in the music biz, call me. No strings. No hourly rate.”

I cocked an eyebrow. “You mean you’d fuck me for free?”

He chuckled as he stepped forward, till we were practically nose to nose. “I don’t give away freebies to men,” he assured as he bent closer, his mouth above mine. “But you remind me of someone I used to know. And I guess I kind of like you, baby.”

With that he kissed me. It wasn’t sexual—just a peck. It floored me all the same as he patted the pocket where his card now hid and left me alone in the darkness.

That's the thing about Caz Bixby. He adds to. Adds to what? *Everything.* He's so bad, but so good at it. He never makes apologies for who he is. And if he claims you, he'll never give up on you. For all his douche-bag ways, he is probably the most romantic of all my heroes, even when he's being a full-fledged floozy

Meredith Levi was a stunning woman, with long, black hair and an immaculate figure, and eyes so bright and blue he wanted to dive right in and swim around in them for a while. She was smart, she was educated. She knew what she wanted. And she wanted one night with Caz Bixby.

He’d give it to her. He’d take her into his arms, letting his hands wander all over her body. He’d strip her slowly, relishing each inch of flesh as it bared itself to him, like a present on Christmas morning. He’d taste those lips, thrusting his tongue inside to swirl around hers, an intimate promise he’d keep the minute he dove between her thighs later. He’d tease one breast, then the other, until she was breathless and begging for him.

He knew what he had to offer. Nine solid inches of ecstasy that would make her eyes widen with surprise as he opened her body up to him with one commanding thrust. God, he got off on that. Every single fucking time, he got off on that. They would get so wet, allowing their bodies to accommodate him until he was buried inside of them. Neither one of them would know where he ended nor where she began, both impaled and consumed.

And then he’d fuck her. He’d watch her face and listen to her gasps and moans, letting her guide him to what felt best. Every woman was different. It was like putting together a new puzzle every time. He loved them wild. He loved them tame. He loved them shy. He loved them bold.

He loved, most of all, showing them they could be everything all at once.

He’d stare into their faces and memorize every detail. He never had to think of someone else to get him there. That trick was for amateurs and he’d long become a master. He could fuck anyone he wanted for whatever reason he wanted. That was his trick of the trade.

It was only after they had fallen asleep, happy and satisfied that his thoughts would wander. Lately they had wandered right to Carly Reynolds. Unlike Coralie, who belonged to the man he regarded a best friend and mortal enemy, Carly was a free agent. There were no rings on her fingers, and Eli Blake was unlikely to put them there.

Most importantly there were no children binding her with their umbilical cord to another man. That was one rule even Caz Bixby wouldn’t break.

But she had already proven she could love a man like him by falling hard for a smug asshole like Eli. Caz knew that they only needed one night together to steal her away. Caz knew something about women that Eli simply didn’t. They deserved better than being a toy locked in someone’s private box. They needed to be celebrated. They needed to be worshipped like the goddesses they were.

Only Caz could give her that, he decided.

And he would.

He would.

He killed his brandy by the time Meredith slipped through the bedroom door, wearing an expensive negligee. The cameras rolled as he joined her in the middle of the room, taking her into his arms for a passionate kiss.

Caz Bixby was on the clock, about to make yet another woman’s fantasy come true.

His could wait a while longer for his own.

For now.

What do you love about him?

His smirk. His wise cracks. His flirting. He makes people feel special. That's his job. And he's a master.

What do you hate about him?

He manipulates with that smirk. He hides behind his wise cracks, and he'll never ever stop flirting with everyone he meets. It's a game to him. A challenge. He falls in love often, but always with those safely tucked away with others. For all his bravado, he often runs scared.

If you went on a date, where would you go?

Caz is the kind of person who would not only strive to give you something you wanted, but something you needed. If you were afraid of flying, he'd charter a plan and screw your brains out the whole trip so you'd never be scared again. He will always, ALWAYS, take you right to the edge.

Who inspired him?

I had a visual prototype the second I saw this guy...

Who might play him in a movie?

I hate to repeat myself, but there really is only one perfect choice...

Any songs that remind you of him?

Let him entertain ya till you scream...

Any "Easter Eggs" planted with this book boyfriend?

We're covering so many books, it's hard to keep track of them all.

Where can we find him?

He's introduced in MASTERS FOR LIFE, which is book #2 of the Masters series. He returns to heat things up in MASTERS FOREVER. If you ever thought I didn't go far enough, THAT is the book to check out...

A dance tune by Madonna began to play, the aptly titled “Hung Up.” Caz pulled me close, his hands on my hips, to guide me through the sensual movements as we began to undulate to the music. I stole glances at Dev, who watched us from his spot in the corner of my couch.

It was the very same corner where he had been that first night, when he commanded that I strip for him. He had seduced me that night, confidently and well. My flesh responded instantly to the memory. I shuddered and looked way, focusing on Caz, who danced closely to me, grinding his hips against me, his eyes locked with mine. “Only a couple of hours left, baby,” he said. “Do you really want to spend it sad?”

The music pulsated around me, a rolling beat that made the entire room felt like it was spinning and tumbling through space. Of course, that might have been the pot. My brain had taken off somewhere around Pluto. That, combined with the alcohol I had consumed, helped me submit to the dance. I closed my eyes and just allowed myself to ride the music. His hands slid up my sides, raising my arms to link around his neck. I was powerless to stop him, a slave to the beat that guided us.

“That’s it,” Caz murmured. “Let yourself go. You know you want to.”

Again my eyes sought Dev. Maybe I was waiting for permission. Maybe I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to lose his shit again. My eyes snapped open when I realized he was no longer sitting on the sofa.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt him fall into step behind me, pinning me between both of them.

“Dev,” I started, but his mouth landed right next to my ear.

“Shh,” he shushed, and it sent an involuntary shudder all the way through my body. His hands landed on my hips just above Caz’s, where they once again rested. They both guided my movements as we danced closely together. I shivered as Dev’s hands slid up my sides, hooking my arms on his as they curved around each shoulder to pull my arms back. Using his body he arched my back towards Caz, who danced even closer, his hands sliding up my sides until his thumbs could brush under each full breast.

Their eyes locked, and the intensity of their stare took my breath away. It was as if they communicated with no words at all, with Caz immediately followed Dev’s lead. It was as if wherever he touched, whatever he did, he had to get that silent permission first. We undulated to the song, no longer three separate people, connected by the thundering beat of the music.

In GLITTER ON THE WEB, he makes life more interesting for Carly. Remember, you only have a few days left to enter the sweepstakes to get that book for free.

He pops up in MASKED IN THE MUSIC, where he makes Rudy his protege. That book is FREE today only.

Finally he plays a major part in FULL-FIGURED FLOOZIES, because he's Caz Freaking Bixby. There's no Floozie any bigger.

Enjoy getting to know Caz. He'll get his own book one day, when I'm ready to let him go. Until then he's mine all mine.

Thankfully I know how to share. ;)

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